What is Calcium Bentonite?

Calcium Bentonite is a natural clay formed from the weathering of volcanic ash in the presence of water.  It is sometimes called montmorillonite or Pascalite.

Clays, particularly bentonite clay, have been used for hundreds of years as natural medicinal remedies.  Because of the great power of calcium bentonite for absorption and adsorption, it has many beneficial uses throughout the body for maintaining health.

Bentonite clay and its strong absorptive properties have been used topically to draw fluid from burns and infections, as well as on spider bites and bee stings.  It is also used as a deodorant, a facial mask, and for healing acne and other skin problems.  Calcium bentonite is also used as a digestive aid and a colon cleanser, as well as oral hygiene and dental health.

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3 Responses to What is Calcium Bentonite?

  1. Judy says:

    I have multiple sclerosis and in the fourth month of an exascerbation. Currently developed a skin rash from a methylprednisolone IV infusion. I decided to use a calcium bentonite clay bath for the itchy rash. The bath took down the inflammation approx 50% and fully stopped the itching within the first 2 minutes. I do not use anything else in my bath water to bathe, no soap at all. I no longer need to use deodorant either.

  2. Andy says:

    Judy: Thanks for reporting on your success with the clay bath. Very glad you’ve found some relief, and I’m sure others with your condition will find this information useful.

  3. susan says:

    It is amazing…I saw this powder and something made me get it. I mix it with aloe juice or apple cider vinegar…make a paste….I have had a staph infection and had like sores all over my body. I think it started from a bite of some kind. I have been using this and it is the only thing that is clearing it up!!! 4 antbiotics did not do it. I guess we need to follow our intuition because nobody told me..like I said I saw it and felt I had to get it……..So glad I did and so glad it has helped you as well!!!!!

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